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Though it may look long and boring but I challenge you to read and open your mind as I did. You may not ask “How can I be saved?” now but eventually you will and our life manual or the bible answers this question.
This is the culmination of what I learned so far in church and books that I read.
“Can good works alone save me?” No. Read on if you disagree.
We do good works to glorify God as stated in
Mathew 5:16In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven
Good works alone cannot save us.
James 2:8-11If you really keep the royal law found in Scripture, ‘Love your neighbor as you love yourself ‘, you are doing right. But if you show favoritism, you sin and are convicted by the law as lawbreakers. For whoever keeps the whole law and stumbles at just one point is guilty of breaking all of it. For he who said ‘You shall not commit adultery’, also said ‘You shall not murder’. If you do not commit adultery but d…

A world of kindness

Last year pastor Resty Calma of the Church of Christ talked about compassion, what is compassion anyway? The parable of the good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37) tells us, among other things, what compassion is. Wikipedia defines compassion as
"Compassion is a virtue — one in which the emotional capacities of empathy and sympathy (for the suffering of others) are regarded as a part of love itself, and a cornerstone of greater social interconnection and humanism — foundational to the highest principles in philosophy, society, and personhood." Imagine a world where everyone is thinking of somebody else's welfare, where people would consider what repercussions their actions will bring, where people think before doing. Sounds surreal? Well maybe, but we can start with ourselves so that compassion will emanate from us and inspire other people to do the same.

How can we be compassionate? Well, the simple act of throwing our trash/garbage properly is a start, I know you know the conseq…

Saving for the future

We all know how important it is to save for our future and it is never too late to save. When I got my first paycheck from my first job I bought anything that I can afford and saving nothing. Don't get me wrong I'm no millionaire, I'm just an average Joe earning an average "doe". That cycle continued on for quite sometime, until I realized that I'm not getting any younger and still I have nothing for the future.

Good thing our office held a free seminar regarding money management and my office mates told me about Bo Sanchez, you can Google him if you want. Now I want to share what I have learned from him regarding money management.

This may not apply to all but this is the general idea. Savings is

SALARY - SAVINGS = EXPENSES.  This means that once we receive our salary we should immediately deduct our savings from our salary and live off the remaining money. "How much savings should be cut off?" you migh…

The Running Man

Running is a great activity with lots of benefits. Everybody has their own reason/s for running, some want to loose weight, some want to beat their own record and some for health maintenance; the list goes on and on. There are lessons that can be learned from running that can also be applied to our daily lives and I like to share some of the things I learned.

I as a runner have been plagued with many injuries many of my friends know that. One of the main reasons was I was taking things too fast (in terms of distance and pace), this is a no no in running, experts say that we should only increase our load by 10% each week to avoid injuring ourselves. We should be patient while slowly building our base, no shortcuts, everything in God's time.

Long Slow Distance or LSD are long runs that are done in an easy conversation pace. This helps build endurance, teaches us to maintain pace and proper form. In the past when I run LSD I get bored and end up increasing my pace, sure enough that l…

A new life with a purpose

For 25 years I have lived a normal life, until the day I hit a big stumbling block. Some might call it "midlife crisis", honestly I do not know if it's even a midlife crisis; it's a mix of midlife and spiritual crisis but more on spiritual. A lot of thought came to my mind while I was in my room, but the question that stood out was "what am I here for?". Somehow I was lost and empty.
Months prior to that day my girlfriend invited me to their church (Church of Christ). I was raised in a Catholic environment so naturally I was closed minded and reluctant when I attended their Sunday service and it came to a point where I did not want to go to their church because I was not accustomed to their ways. I was spiritually blind at that time, following only what was said to me by people (priests, friends, family etc.). I never really bothered opening the bible even though my father gave me one when I was 12. I was content on what I was told and taught…

I'm joining the bandwagon!

Yesterday, after reading Day 32 of the "Purpose Driven Life"; yup I read PDL, don't be hatin (" ,); I decided to create a blog to voice out what I feel, think and to somehow do my part in sharing the word of God like what others have done to me. It said in the book to "use your abilities and talents to serve", so as a web developer/programmer I thought about using the web as a tool for sharing.

Kudos to Romina Puno and Emilaine Balatibat for also inspiring me to create a blog!

Let the fun begin!